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Dmitri Tselos

Luraine Tansey

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Art History professor who developed
the Minnesota Slide Classification

   The Minnesota Slide Classification System was begun in the late 1940s by Professor Dmitri Tselos, then newly arrived in Minnesota after many years of teaching and experience with various slide systems in a number of eastern colleges and universities. During World War II he had been an itinerant art historian, traveling day-by-day to a group of colleges whose art historical staffs were serving in the war.

   His aim at Minnesota was to develop an alphabetized, non numerical method of slide classification containing word categories and their abbreviations. The system he established compliments the structure of art history courses and can be easily understood and used by both the specialist and non specialist. Professor Tselos's long career at Minnesota and his continuing interest in the system contributed to its stability and consistency. 

   Professor Tselos published the Minnesota System in an abbreviated form in the College Art Journal in 1959. The system has many descendants, each with its own variations, due partly to the lack of a complete published manual and partly to the special needs of its users.

-- Submitted by Rebecca Moss